Will You Take Bill Gates’ Money, if offered?

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Ever wondered how beautiful your life will be if you have all the money you need? Or Unlimited money in the bank, pieces of jewellery stored in shelves sky-high, everything now affordable, in short, have you ever wondered what the world will be if Bill Gates, Warren Buffet’s and all other billionaires’ money were re-distributed to the poor, needy and those without money …

“What would happen if we re-distributed the world’s 1%’s wealth back to the 99%?”

Joe James answered this with a perfect illustration, think of the world’s wealth as chickens –

Give everyone on earth one chicken.
75% of the people decide that chicken would taste great. So they roast their chickens, have one excellent meal, then are hungry again tomorrow – but since no more chicken, they all die of starvation after.

24% of the people realize their chicken is an egg factory, so they enjoy one egg every day for a few years until the chicken dies – chickens always will grow old.

1% of the people figure out that if they mate their chicken with a rooster they can raise a whole bunch of chickens. In a few years, they will have more fresh eggs and chickens than they could eat, sell and become wealthy in the process.

As you can see, the world will be worse off – the poor and needy will die quickly; as humans will plunge into madness worse than a world war.

So my friend, whether you like it or not – Everything is exactly as it should be in a perfect BALANCE, the Bill Gates and Co and those that will take over after them are a gift from the Almighty God for the poor and needy and never a curse or reason to be jealous.

Should You Take Bill’s Money?

To answer the question above, please say NO when offered Bill Gates’ money – it will kill you and multiply your problems way more than you will be able to handle.

You then ask, what is the moral of this post –


If you don’t have what you desire now, it is simply because you have not earned it – otherwise, you would have.

So my friend, don’t worry about a thing, just be happy – everything is in a perfect balance.#HakunaMatata


But Remember

Hope you didn’t fall for my hakuna matata¬†trap, please be worried about a thing – if your dream is to be successful and wealthy, please RUN AFTER YOUR DREAMS – For it will not come easy or cheap – roll your sleeves and run after it, but please stop dreaming about Bill Gates’ money – YOU WILL NEVER GET IT BY WISHING FOR IT, sorry to break that to you!

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