where to get energy to do everything

Where do you get the energy to do everything?

Our physical or physiological state affects all of our other states-emotional, intellectual, and the ability to move beyond the material and think about the spiritual. Everything has to do with brain activity in one way or another; without it, it is difficult, if not impossible, to realize or perceive anything. To make the brain work at its best, it needs to be supplied with oxygen and glucose. How to do this? To supply oxygen, you need to breathe intensely, to increase blood circulation. How do you do it? The easiest and most effective way is to go for a run.

You want energy for creativity – run regularly and eat on time. But what do you do if your energy is so low that you can’t bring yourself to run? Put on your sneakers and athletic uniform and just go outside. If you don’t have the energy to run, walk. Make a habit of walking first. 5 minutes, then 10, 15. Then let yourself run for 1 minute of 15, and then just walk for the other 14. Once you’ve done that, you can increase your jogging time until you’re able to run for 15 minutes. Next, you can increase the intensity, increase your running speed, and thus speed up your heart rate. The higher the number of heartbeats per minute, the faster the blood flow. There is no need, and it is risky for your health to do everything at once – run fast and long, your heart may not endure – do it gradually, paying attention to how you feel.

After a run, the body is ready to get nutrients for itself, so prepare a gift for him – a full breakfast, rich in energy – carbohydrates, trace elements, a variety of amino acids. It would not be a big mistake to start breakfast right away, although I prefer to wash my face first and make notes in my diary, including generating ideas of steps to my goals, and then go for breakfast.

Getting into the habit of running, creating a cardio workout for yourself, will provide you with the energy you need. Running can be enhanced by recharging your brain during it with the following practices:

  • happiness exercise;
  • visualization of the Goal;
  • positive affirmations;
  • motivating audio books;
  • ideas of exploits.

What else can help? Tea, coffee might help. Really, only for a while. Then it will be even worse. But if we don’t have enough energy to get moving, we need a way to quickly add energy to ourselves, and optionally a caffeinated cup to kick things up a notch. Sometimes we need a boost for the first action, even if it’s not the healthiest one. Action motivates the next action. Take one step, then take the next. And then it’s downhill from there, because it’s our own actions that are the best motivation. So for primary action any way is fine, even if it’s temporary.

A much more stable flow of energy can be obtained by creating a system that will recharge you regularly, without requiring you to make the same effort all the time. Making a habit of running in the morning is an example of such a system. What else? Fresh air, having oxygen in the room where you work can help a lot. Light, especially sunlight, plays an important role, because we have some sort of built-in solar cells. The way the body is built, it wants to be more awake in the light and more sleepy in the dark. Think about how you can create an environment for you in which fresh air and light goes to the places where you spend the most time during the day? Creating these conditions will be creating a system for generating your energy, physical, emotional, and intellectual.

What else would help you feel energized to accomplish great things? Another habit, if it’s suddenly missing, is regular periods of eating. When you don’t think about whether you should or shouldn’t, whether you want to or not, you eat at the appointed time, like clockwork. Don’t you think that’s flexible? Is walking around like a zombie all day flexible enough for you? Or collapsing with fatigue, either because you missed a meal on time or because you ate too much after a long period of fasting and want to sleep?

By the way, about fasting. Actually, the feeling of hunger is our friend that helps raise our energy levels. After all, falling asleep on an empty stomach in the middle of the day is quite problematic – nature itself has ensured that we have the strength and intelligence to find food in such a situation. It’s worth taking advantage of it. But not so that you deliberately put yourself on a hunger strike – we discussed this; food should be eaten regularly, having made an approximate schedule for yourself in advance. Between meals, when you have a craving for a snack, first of all check yourself whether you are hungry or thirsty – it’s easy to get confused. But it is also easy to check – drink a mug of water, preferably water, and not another drink. It may be enough to keep going.

Where else to get energy? Surround yourself with people full of energy. I leave this advice for last, so you won’t be tempted to turn yourself into an energy vampire. Being around people who are energized for action is a mutual responsibility – they will also expect to be energized by you. So do your best to become a generator yourself and create synergy by interacting with others like you. Where to look for them? They will find you, be yourself, communicate, share, create, create, work. And in the inevitable moments of downturn, you will support each other.

Life energy is not something you can accumulate and then use. It’s a flow that has to be constantly circulating. Either you go into the flow, or you’re already in the flow, or you stand by and watch – take your pick. The first step is action. What from what you read can you implement right now to increase the energy level – not only now, but also in the future, not only your own, but the people you care about? Don’t try to put something on your to-do list for later-it may not be the worst idea, but it’s useless if there’s no business-a concrete step in your personal development that you can take right now.

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