How will you want to spend your next Vacation? Take this quiz


About Last Easter, We all made this exciting road trip for a wedding. Being an ancient land in the Southern region of Nigeria, you’d think the vacation was going to be less fun but it became my best Easter yet.

OMG! For the sake of good meals, let me start from the description of the meals I ate. I think i’m used to eating less than is required but on the first day, we got called on to grab a bite every now and then. Even when my tummy said no , my eyes were too tempted to resist.

Party Time was simply EPIC. If you weren’t dancing, you were almost seen as committing a huge SIN. Trust me, this happened to me as well. And if for any reason you think you’re a bad dancer or a shy person…once you step your feet into that family house, there was such an anointing for dancing. It can’t be explained right here, such can only be experienced.

Then the Mega Super Duper part of it for me were the caliber of people I came across…Different Colors, Different Shades of Blue and Yellow, Different Countries and the list goes on.

Once again this went on to prove my thoughts right.

Vacation Variables: The “Who” vs The “Where”

I love experiencing lovely places, I love adventures but I doubt if new places can take the thrill I get by being on the lovely trip with the craziest, most entertaining and fun-loving people.

The Who in my world matters as much or even way more more than the Where.

I’d love to know what direction you’d tilt when picking your next vacation spot.

If you had a chance to go on a Vacation at these spots, what will your choice be?

There’s always a reason for any choice. We’d like you to go a bit further than taking the quiz. So share your reasons in the comments section below.

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