The Bitter-Sweet Choices we Make In Life

egg choice

Everything I do is intentional. I spend a lot of time following the path of a choice I probably just made the previous hour. But everything can go wrong if your choice isn’t right.

One of my favourite slogan customized for my world has always been ‘Begin with the end in sight‘. This way you’d always end up becoming a certified winner.

In a previous post, I showed you how you can catch a corporate criminal. This time around, you’ve got to know when to take a bow.

In some organizations, there could be the signs and symptoms of folding up. Always learn to pay attention to it. However, the temptation of staying just a little longer could creep in. Have you ever tried to kill a rat or at least have you watched when a rat trap has been set? It’s never a trap if it doesn’t lure you.

This has happened to me many at-times and I’ve always been smart enough to sniff it but somehow without taking a second look at it, I always found the exit door.

About the time I was ready to further my education abroad, that was the same time I got promoted. What will you do? Imagine served with 2 of your favourite meals at a point of extreme hunger? Trust me, that’s so difficult no matter how much control you might think you have. Now at that time, for me this was also a pretty huge temptation. Don’t we all wish we could eat our cake and have it? More like have both.

cake choice

Your ability to see the BIG picture will save you in the long term.

Recently, I had the same kind of dilemma on another job. I think I should call myself an expert at this already. Life is always full of choices and the earlier we admit it, the simpler our lives become. There are people that make decisions easy for you, like when the person you’re dealing with has a character that is questionable. Forgiveness is allowed. Foolishness isn’t. Nothing beats Standards no matter the country or person involved

Sometimes, I marvel at those who intentionally choose to accommodate those with characters that can be categorized as daredevils. How do you really cope with yourself? First, you fake a smile, you lie to them, you pretend to be a friend, you celebrate with them and the list goes on. Come to think of it, I will question you. Ever heard that saying ‘the enemy of my friend is my enemy’. Sleep or work with a dog and be prepared to rise up with fleas. Wisdom as they say is always profitable to direct. Not all that glitters is gold friends.

No matter what you do, use these #Never signs to refine every choice.

Never postpone Joy
Never be half-in (go the extra mile)
Never settle for less
Never say Never

Well, the interesting bit about life is we always have a choice. Choose wisely my friend.

Still unsure of how best to make hard decisions? Let’s have a 1-on-1 session that’d help you gain clarity.

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