Turn those Flames into SnowFlakes: See beauty in every situation

About Last Weekend…Life doesn’t always go the way we want it but most times even those moments could count for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. So, I jumped on a trip to turn up for my darling friend as it was her BIG DAY. Of course, she was dropping her lovely last name and embracing the new one her kids will also inherit.

Back to that special morning, for me the hassles of that lovely city (Lasgidi) really got to me, traffic was simply unbelievable and the heat was extremely unbearable. I just couldn’t take it anymore.
So I rang up my friend who was supposed to pick me up and gave him the situation report of things at my end while telling him to go on without me to the wedding. He, being a darling friend definitely said no that he was going to wait.

Well, good news is We Made It. We turned Up!!! But guess what? Just when the song even got more interesting and the vibes got me to move my heels, as I stood up to dig it, I had another crazy experience, a wardrobe Malfunction! WHAT?????
Like Seriously? Believe me, right there and then I was first in shock like really could this day get any worse than this? but out of nowhere I found myself laughing so hard so much that it was contagious and you wouldn’t believe, I continued moving to the beats. I felt the worst had already happened…

That was indeed a memorable experience to forever remember.

So the next time you experience something nearly similar to mine and when it all seems to be closing in, Remember….

Always be the first to laugh it out loud. Let the Adversity become an Adventure
Turn every Lemon thrown at you into Lemonades.

Turn those Flames you feel into snow Flakes and see the Beauty in every situation

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