Travelling Light: Getting rid of the Weighty Junk in your Trunk

In uncertain times like these when …
‘who we are’
‘what we have’
‘where we will be’
…are all threatened, there’s no better time than stressing the importance of activating your hidden treasures.

Nickelback released a song a while ago that said ‘if today was your last day and tomorrow is too late…could you say goodbye to yesterday?’

Well, there’s nothing like LIVING fully while you’re ALIVE. I’m sure I’d dwell on that some other time but not today.

Actually, I just had a talk with someone special about the importance of ‘travelling light‘ and it hit me that if one person actually has a problem of junk-in-their-trunk there just might be a possibility of many others having same, so thought it wise to share.

Travelling light is the fine art of simply BE-ing.

A state of being…without the…
… weight of unanswered questions
… weight of bitterness
… weight of what-ifs
… weight of what could be
… weight of had I known
… weight of unforgiveness
… weight of perfection

travelling light is a necessity if you must go far.

Often times, for whatever reason we’re so scared to confront our fears that we surrender to locking up that tiny weighty 🦊 fox inside us.

Do you remember what they say about the tiny foxes….that spoil…I’d leave you to complete that part.

There’s nothing guys, absolutely nothing that comes close to travelling light on this journey called life.

Or who do you think will enjoy the journey best:
a) You driving a sleek Audi A5 Cabriolet convertible with a cute box of basic necessities.


b) Your very self driving the same sleek Audi A5 Cabriolet convertible with some bags of cement, building blocks, wood, sharp sand, plumbing materials etc

I’m sure your (b) version will have a talking car almost cursing you out and it won’t even CARE that you’ve got some construction plans in view.

Just a final reminder of how important it is to stay clean, stay pure in heart and mind because it sure helps your mental state and overall well-being.

Guys, the best part happens in the comment section:
Tell me ONE weighty junk that you’re going to keep working on getting out of your trunk. Mine is definitely the weight of perfection

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