Get The Right Tools That Ignite Your True Worth

You must have heard that talent isn’t born but made. This debate has lingered for a while. Whether we choose the former or the latter, there are certain tools that can bring out the best in you.

The good news is the right tools or set of tools can really help you refine your true worth.

#1 Make Your Bed (<3mins)

The best way to think clearly is to get organized. Everyone often claims to not have time. While that in itself might be true, your lack of organization is often what gets you behind not necessarily the reverse.
The goal of making your bed is to ensure you visual tidiness. Our eyes are connected to our brain in a way that it sends vibes across. It’s important we ensure those vibes are organized as quickly as possible. Otherwise, we will get mentally exhausted due to disorderliness and less about stress.

#2 Change Your Patterns When You Feel Bored

Before we jump into conclusion that we’re getting that flu. It might be less medical and more physical. Few years ago I got real bored of the norm, you could literally guess where I’d be based on the time and day it is. It was a Home-Work-Home cycle. At a point in time, I couldn’t stomach that pattern any more so I made a decision. Break off that rat race and take a long vacation. During that break I felt born-again, renewed, restored, refreshed.

Usually I get the same thing every once in a while with symptoms that say the flu is fast approaching. However, I’ve mastered my body make-up so well that I just know the right pill to take and most times its non-medical related and just a change in my usual patterns.

#3 Stay Connected and Charged around Titans

Nothing stands a chance in giving you a mental boost like the company you keep. Yesterday I was hooked unto the IAAF World Championships London 2017. In the high jump, athletes that made it in the 1st round, cleared it in all the rounds. That in itself speaks. The same can be applied to business, have you noticed that once a business succeeds in selling a product, they don’t stop there they tend to diversify using the same success denomination. While the product/service might differ, the process remains same.

The best way to succeed is to surround yourself with those who detest mediocrity by all means. This makes you set the bar pretty high with the aim of surpassing it.

What tool will you implement today that will make you win tomorrow?

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