Tired of the rat race? Time to switch over to your dream track.

I recently just met a roadblock, like I tried and tried and this nut was so hard to break. I went on to ask Google so many questions because a friend of mine once sent me there whenever I asked her a question…she’d always say


So I did.

But then, there was no answer.

Afterwards, I remembered the true reason I fell in love with databases – simply my ability to query up-side-up. Like you could get a ton of answers depending on how great you could tweak the question.

Questions as simple as ” how many students are in a class?” to other complex questions like “what is the probability that if you come to class early you’d get an A especially if you’re a girl”. Well, you get the gist already.

Eventually I found my answer after tweaking the question so many times in my head….it showed up!!!

This got me thinking deeply about LIFE.

It seems to me like every problem/roadblock comes with an invisible sign hanging above it’s head that reads:

Me vs You: Let’s see WHO IS SMARTER?

Life is so much like an SQL query. We often complain that we don’t know the answer but sometimes it’s because we are not asking the right questions or in some cases you might even be asking the wrong person. Believe it or not, even Google doesn’t have answers to your most pressing needs.

Are you feeling stuck about your life’s roadmap?

Do you have that tiny little voice telling you ‘this can’t be all there is to it?’.

Well, I was once like you. If you’re pretty fed up about life’s rat race, it’s not too late to make a turn (whether it’s a roundabout, left bend, right bend or U-turn), knowing which turn to make is important, more important than gaining speed (especially if you’re on the wrong path).

If you sound like anything up there, we can schedule a 1-on-1 session.

Fill the form and let’s get you on the right track ASAP.

Time is ticking, don’t get left behind.


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