The Yes Therapy: How to Transform a No


What you hear isn’t always what’s being said. How many times have you heard these words.

I’m sorry but we’re not hiring…
We’d like to apologize but …
I’m afraid it’s unavailable…
There’s no way I’d be able to do that…

If you happen to have heard any of those, Congratulations! It’s simply a sign that you’ve been introduced into the LIVE STREAM of what we call LIFE.

Interestingly, the excuses they give after saying such statements are not always legit. Yet, it seems like they leave you with nothing else left to do but a reminder that the door is still open so you simply can leave the same way you came in. No matter how rocky your heart is, there’s an instant withdrawal from your emotional bank.

However, never forget this “Not everything is ever as it seems”. Often times, there’s always a silver lining beneath every loud NO “if you can try hard enough, even the hardest stone will be broken for your sake”. Remember, only treasures are buried in the deep. Those who scratch the surface really think they have done more than enough.

Let me help you paint this picture in its clearest form…If you haven’t reached that goal, you are still far from giving it your best because the only time we really want to hear your struggles is when you have succeeded. Then you simply won’t believe how sweet it’d be to the ears.

Otherwise, if you keep sharing your struggles, you’d soon run out of interesting episodes and this can lead to the avoidance syndrome where they get to intentionally avoid you using all sorts of excuses. While they might be quite courteous enough to show empathy by withholding the truth, they are often times pretending in high definition. Whatever you’re saying doesn’t weigh much.
The Universe paves way for just one man…the one who knows where he is going and is determined not to whine, lament or rest until he gets there.

Whenever you’re given a NO, attempt to Try Again, It’s not over until YOU win!


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