The Weight of Waiting

Have you ever had to wait for so long for something you wanted or are you currently in a season of waiting for your big breakthrough? Maybe you’ve had to face some battles at certain phases of your life’s journey… So weighty and too deep to tell another? Well, I’ve been there….

The Weight of Waiting is an extremely inspiring book that addresses deep questions experienced at the various phases of life such as finding love, getting married, having children or landing your dream job.

It’s one thing to have to wait during a particular season, it’s another thing to endure the weight that comes with waiting while having to also deal with negative voices all around us (especially when those voices happen to be from close ties).

You don’t have to feel numb anymore or carry such weight any longer.

This book has the answer you’ve been seeking for so long without knowing you even needed. It simply gives you the key to your freedom by giving you clarity, serenity and boldness to once and for all drop those sickening weights that have clogged your heart and mind.

Can’t wait for you to experience what it means to finally be free!!!