The Tiny Trigger That Helps You Fulfill Your Assignment

So everyone came into this world with a unique trigger that’s geared towards helping us fulfill our assignment. But do you recall those wise sayings ‘when the purpose of a thing isn’t known, abuse is inevitable’. Your trigger is more like the Bank Verification Number(BVN) to your bank account in Nigeria or your National Identification Number (NIN) but just in case that goes wrong, your trigger can’t and shouldn’t go wrong.

Its important to pay attention to these triggers. Especially because they could drive some people CRAZYYY in a way that it kinda makes you feel you’re acting CRAZY. You just begin to think it’s all a flop. Truth is, most times you cant rest until you pull your unique triggers. It can actually drive you nuts if you don’t.

Let me explain further, what’s the #1 thing that ticks you OFF? That you can’t even stand? This is a clue to your trigger.

  • Do you often get angry when others lie, steal, pretend or shout.
  • Are you one of those people who hate to miss out on tiny details, the BIG things don’t even get to you but you hate to be left out of something so little(Little here is relative because to you it’s a BIG deal)
  • It’s when you’ve not completed a task, if you try sleeping you could almost have a nightmare.

Rather than avoid it, you need to identify and embrace your trigger(s). There’s a reason why you’re wired this way. Pay attention to it. And NO there’s absolutely nothing wrong with you.

Peter was wired differently from John in scriptures, if you’re going to war, you’d want both for unique reasons to be on your team. Peter because he was ruthless, he could dice the enemy’s ears with such accuracy. John was loyal to a fault, you could tell him to protect your family members and know he’d do so with his last blood.

However, it’s not that easy to pull your trigger especially when those closest to you think you’re flawed in some way.

Nevertheless, You are YOU. The more you embrace YOU, the more others will understand your weird but unique trigger and even celebrate it with you. The more you avoid it, the more you LOSE the real YOU.

So which side of the net will you like to stand? The choice is entirely up to you!!!

Mike Murdock once said ‘What gets you angry is a clue to something you’ve been assigned to solve’. It points you to your assignment. What you COMPLAIN about might just be something you’ve been assigned to CHANGE.

If you’re still in doubt, ask Moses, he even became a murderer because of his anger even though this was all for a good cause.

Well, once you identify your trigger, you’ve got to learn how to channel it so it doesn’t destroy you.

Just in case you’re reading and wondering what mine is….I’ve got a few triggers, one of mine is highly linked to my name ‘PEACE’ 💕. I could literally protect this with my LIFE, no jokes. Like I said that’s just one amongst others. I move far away from whatever disturbs my Peace and until I get it I don’t stop!!!

I’d love to know some of your triggers?

As always you can reach me on or in the comment section below.

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