The Quickest Shortcut to becoming the Smartest Mind Ever

Let me simply kick-start by saying I am a huge fan of books that make me think. I love books. However, if you’re a bookworm i’m glad to announce to you that this post is NOT for you. Yeah, you read that right. Are the Smartest minds born out of those that read the fastest and widest? Well, that’s debatable and i’m here to tell you why.
In every circle you find yourself, there are 3 categories of people or probably more but for the purpose of passing my message across, i’d stick to these 3.

3 Types of People In Every Life Class

1. Novice

He’s the one most likely to turn green, like a blank canvas you’d be sure to expect the unexpected. With this novice just about anything can happen. He knows nothing but if he’s smart enough, he will take on the eyes and mind of any eagle – ready to observe his world by learning the rules and mastering how to break a lot of them.

2. ITK aka I-Too-Know


Well, you know those ones who always complete quotes or sayings made by their teachers or masters. They just have the right answer and perfect lines. Why that in itself can prove that such words have transformed their lives. For these set, you really want to check if what-you-see-is-what-you-get. Are they living the life they talk?

3. Neutralists

Do you know there are those whom no matter the weather, their temperature will forever be lukewarm. These lot are the most dangerous. Its better to be hot or cold. Well like i said, they are the neutralists.

By this time, if you’re smart enough you’d have spotted a number of people who fit into each category.

Care to know which group has the highest tendency of becoming the Smartest in the room.

Well, its the NOVICE. The guys that are hungry. Have you ever heard that saying:

“Only the HUNGRY will ever get filled”.

Well, this saying is true for many reasons and most people think the smartest minds are those that read a lot. I beg to differ with just a little twist.

The smartest minds are those who read a few but do a lot. The Doers will always trump the Readers. Anyday, Anytime, Anywhere.

There’s one sure way to move from #3 or #2 to #1.

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