The Maze Routine (…Behind the scenes)

Have you ever played a maze-game before? Going down the memory lane, I recall seeing a frog at one end and the pond way down the other end of the maze. Between both ends are many paths, however only ONE path will successfully lead the frog to his habitat ‘the pond’.

The world can be likened to that maze. Although, unlike the frog whose destiny is dependent upon the ‘maze player’, our paths from where we are to where we want to be is highly dependent on the ‘ROUTES’ we are willing to take to get there.

In the world of technology, every fanciful thing we see out there can be traced back to some tiny bits of 0’s & 1’s which is the underlying factor for the production of the lovely gadgets we use in today’s world. In the same manner, the life of every successful person can be traced back to some habitual bits popularly known as habits.

It has been said that when you can do something with your eyes closed then it is time to start something new. I’d also like to rephrase that to ‘when you can do something with your eyes closed then it means you have gained mastery’. Every athlete will tell you they got to the peak by gaining mastery through routines on the track or field, practice they say makes perfect. Few months back I saw a teenage girl compete with Serena Williams and sincerely it was practically impossible for her to catch one of the hits that came from Serena no matter how hard she tried. This was not because the girl practiced less but basically because she had not gained mastery as much as the champion had when compared together.

What you do occasionally can attract people to you but it is only what you do continuously that will attach them to you. What you do when no one is watching is the real you and that is what CHARACTER entails.

As a studious student of intelligent movies, I am always stunned by the stunts and smart moves actors pull off, however what I see on the screen is nothing compared to what goes on behind the scenes. That’s the only place that reality stands before film tricks.

The only ROUTE-IN to a successful future can be found when we reshuffle the word, this will give us ROUTINE which proves that it remains our only access to whatever future we desire.


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