The Greeting Cliché: How are you?


If i’m to take a survey of the last time you heard or said these 3 words “How are you?”, i’m almost certain everyone will read +ve on this one.

Everything goes wrong when we start this way and most times we often get the pretty common response “i’m fine”

Sadly, both the question and the response never does enough justice. What do we really expect right? You must have heard the words ‘Garbage in, Garbage out‘. Same goes for this.

These days i’m always trying to catch up with the universal currency ‘Time’, this leaves me with little or no time to make some in-person trips with friends but I try to make up for this using the digital waves (social media). That’s one thing we definitely got right, it sure helps.

Irrespective of this limitation, whenever I have a heart to heart moment with friends, I spin questions and words in many ways so that it counts for DEPTH. Nothing beats DEPTH.

No one should leave you the same way they met you. You can even try to create a unique greeting style. Have a heart-heart chat that truly solves a problem or makes the grin become larger than life.

So the next time you try to holla, pause for a minute…create your own style. Ain’t you tired of getting flat responses which in your heart of hearts are really flat out dead.

I hope this sleek scenarios will help as a pointer in the right direction

Normal greeting style
Alex: Hey dear, how are you?
Josh: am fine

Just fine

This should become the New-Normal greeting style
Alex: Josh, how is your day going?
Josh: Great, couldn’t have been better.
Alex: Tell me about it.

If you’re really going to make a mark and if you truly superlatively care about that person, then take it a notch higher or better still dive deeper.

What’s your unique greeting style?

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