The Fine Art of Choosing Productivity over Activity

So what’s the fuss about all these you may ask or how does productivity differ from activity.

Yeah, I agree there’s a very thin line between both but so many times i’ve seen so many standing on the wrong side while thinking they’re on the right side of the fence.

Well, is it bad to be positively occupied you may ask?

‘Nope, it isn’t’.

But if you really desire results at the end, then your occupation (whatever occupies you) needs to have results.

Imagine having a farmland and during the yam season you planted seed yams and kept watering consistently. During harvest, while others were reaping, you dug your heap only to realize the seed-yam you planted never germinated. Rather than being planted, it seems like it was just buried.

Deep within you know you were extremely busy, you gave what you think was your best, you made many ridges, you watered. So why would anyone ever dare say you were full of activity and not productivity.

The answer lies in the harvest or should i say in the results

~Peace CodyBanks

Now let’s assume that was an experiment. It would be insane for you to attempt the same thing all over without fine-tuning what went wrong the first time right?

What most people do is they just assume and stick with their cognitive biases while believing that the fault isn’t theirs and then they refuse to change or listen.

Ever heard these words “ADAPT or DIE”.

You need to be flexible especially when the results are embarrassing!

Ways in which you can be Productive

    Have an open heart
    Ask questions.

Ultimately, as 2018 comes to a close, choose PRODUCTIVITY over ACTIVITY.

Going in Circles doesn’t equal Progress ~Peace CodyBanks

Enjoy the 11th hour and seek to be Productive.

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