Why You Should Always Break Away From The Norm

If you’ve ever experienced your laptop hanging for any reason, you’d find this post rather interesting. Often times when most laptops are working out a lot, they simply transform their triangular cursor into a spinning one. While that can be pretty annoying, even computers understand how important it is to take a BREAK from the norm.

Ever had that moment when you get tired of doing what you’re used to. Sometimes you might even be an expert at it, Other times it might have been a hobby you couldn’t do without.

That feeling, no matter who you are is a sign of your guts telling you to simply ‘listen’.

After a hectic week, I made up my mind on this special day to go for a ‘walk in the park’ during working hours. There’s always that work-angel in my mind telling me that’s the most absurd thing to do knowing we’ve got deadlines losing their breath constantly. But, then comes the creativity-angel reminding me that we need those sparks and it even goes further to state that no jet no matter how sleek it looks can ever go far on an empty tank.

The Battle was real for me that day and I was left alone on that plain field. That same second, my Boss tried reminding me we had to satisfy some clients and all.

Believe me when I say that the worst thing you can ever do for yourself is to not understand yourself.

Socrates truly said it best “Know Thyself”. Many things rises and falls on this one statement.

Discovery will always set the pace for Recovery.

Highlights from my Walk in the Park

~Discovering new places is a therapy for the soul
~Breaking away from the norm leads to ultimate productivity
~Everything will go on with or without your
~Learn to Love yourself otherwise no one will
~If no one cares about you, maybe its time you change your circle
~What you’re looking for across borders might just be in the park.
~Creativity-angel must always be listened to.

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