Striker Challenge: the life-changing game that trained me

“Seriously? I waited this long only to finally play this game that’s just not making any sense.”
How can a game be so hard to figure out, that sort of makes it more like ‘work’ than ‘game’.

That was was my first thought and yeah you bet i didn’t stop there. So I took it a step further confronting the developers to relay my deepest disappointment of the game to the brains behind the game. Like ‘Is this really what you’ve been working on??’

Okay — Don’t get me wrong in no way do I see myself as a game programmer but i’m pretty sure I can do a helluva lot better!

Well, that was simply my outburst 72hours ago but that all changed in a split of a second this morning when I decided to give the game another trial, this time it was like I was re-born. So what changed?? I’d leave that for you to figure out.

Let’s assume I’m not a football player so I really cannot and should not call myself a ‘striker’ but every champion always embraces a good challenge. So this game STRIKER CHALLENGE, really caught my attention especially after being told there were real prizes to be won like a trip to Barcelona (amongst many other REAL PRIZES).

So today, I decided that giving up won’t be an option. Determined Agent CodyBanks saw for the first time new ways to defeat this crazy keeper…and Yippee I finally saw fireballs spitting through my pixels.

You can’t believe how addictive it already is. But more importantly, it definitely taught me some life lessons worth sharing

When there is a will, there will always be a clearer way!
If at first you don’t succeed, like Aaliyah says ‘try-again’
Always begin with the end in sight
Keep your eyes on the PRIZE
If it were easy, everyone will be winning
Only true Champions dare Challenges
If it’s ever gonna be, it’s always up to me
Tough times never last but tough people do (that’s me!!)

Are you a Football fan, a striking striker or just an enthusiastic game lover? Then this game is for you. Grab a chance to meet your favourite club and if you don’t really have one like me…who cares? just grab a ticket for a week at your friend’s favourite club. Lol

let’s meet online at STRIKER CHALLENGE!!! Come with your A-game.
Let the games begin

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