How to Stay Motivated on the Same Job


Do you ever feel nearly paralyzed with the weight of boredom? Does it feel hard when your mind sends triggers that you have not accomplished that morning job?

Having that feeling once in a while can be normal but when you get that signal more than once in a day or several days in a week. That’s a warning sign that you need to change your routines.

As an organized freak, trust me I know it can be quite hard switching lanes from what you know works. But what’s the point in getting the job done if it doesn’t make you do the hippy-dance?

What’s the alternative?

What if you could pay attention to those warning signs? Pay attention simply means learning, listening and re-adjusting even if its just a little tiny pixel bit

The answer is summed up in one simple 2 words “Be Flexible”


You can simply give yourself a break. Change your routines.

Often times, we all just require a different ingredient, a spiky heel, that wristband, a friendly call, some sugar-bumps from that vanilla fondant cake or even a comedy movie at the cinema, even Jenifa might do the magic.

This is the reality of life as you must have already heard, Variety is the Spice of Life. Therefore, you must activate your brain with the spices required and you’d be surprised.

As usual, the best conversation happens in the comment section below. What spice will you want to try out? Leave your comments below.

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