The Simple Patterns That Brings Out The Best In You

This may seem obvious but i’d like to re-iterate it, there is always a pattern to how people buy things. A few days ago, on my way to work, I listened to a conversation on radio that talked about how our subconscious does things naturally. It linked everything back to patterns.

Have you paid attention to the patterns you use daily? This says a lot about who you are, what you grew up around and how you are wired naturally.

Which pattern defines you?

1. When putting on your shoes, which leg do you focus on first (right/left)?
Shoes Pattern
2. When you’re about to settle with a bowl of pounded yam, where do you place your soup (left or right)?

3. When in front of a door, which hand often reaches for the door knob (left or right)?
Door patterns

4. Are you an early-to-bed, early-to-rise person or are you a perpetual night crawler?
If you’re not sure of yourself, you need to take this quiz

5. What sleeping posture do you take at night?

6. What outfits make you look sharp at work (bright-coloured wears, dark wears, summer wears)
summer patterns
Growing up, we had a neighbour who never allowed sun rays into his home, irrespective of the weather condition. Back in school I also had a friend who had black windows all through. There must have been something beyond coziness that resonated with them, of which they likened to the dark shades.

Some people seem to have taken their patterns into the corporate world. I’ve had several meetings when people seem surprised when someone arrives early for a meeting. Just because its a regular pattern for him to arrive late. On a certain day, I went for a meeting and was told to chill for a while because its normal for the client to arrive late.

While changing patterns can be quite hard, especially changing bad patterns, I must stress that it isn’t impossible. Just be intentional about having good patterns and you’d be surprised.

Sometimes, our patterns are made up of different but True Colours. If you doubt me, simply ask Phil Collins. Your True Colours makes you beautiful.

Don’t forget to answer those pattern questions above. Can’t wait to hear yours. I’d share mine below.

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