Perception is Reality: It all depends on how they see it.


Life does not give us what we want, Life gives us who we are. Your reality is defined by your perception, change the latter and you’d effectively change the former. I’m willing to use various scenarios to paint this picture clearly

The Perception of Players on Chess

Have you ever played a game of chess? Just so you know, if you have, you’ve already earned my respect! Chess is a game played by smart minds who bask in the euphoria of intelligence. Be careful, even if you think you’re smart, Chess has a unique way of humbling you in ways you can’t imagine. First, you need to have a heightened level of concentration, then you must be able to predict minimum of 2 steps ahead. Otherwise, you probably should play Ludo or Draft. Through this game, you realize Perception is reality.

Your opponents’ moves could determine your fate (Perception is Reality) #Chess

Rate Your Perception of The Wedding Party

As an event planner, if given a multi-billion dollar contract to organize the birthday of a 3year-old son of a president. You need to activate all your animation characters from birth till date. You need to relive the memories. Watch the recent fun-cracking-trending animation. At the time of writing this post, Despicable me 3 has been one of the most talked about and i’ve already seen it twice. To plan such an event, its all about creativity, fun and planning. If you’re intelligent enough, you’d understand that at such an event, dignitaries will be present and it’s always wise to captivate the hearts of the parents as well as the kids. Once again, its pretty clear that perception is reality.

For those who can recall The Wedding Party movie, while it was all about celebration, Wonu (Zainab Balogun) had to juggle the craziest role. For her it was less about event planning, rather it was about the satisfaction of both families. She had to intentionally create such perception and as we could tell, it wasn’t an easy task. Based on your perception of the movie, which family was Wonu able to satisfy? The Onwukas or Cokers?

During one of our hangouts in CMA(CodyBanks Mentoring Academy), I had the chance to explain the effect of perception on everything.

No matter how good you think you are at this, there’s always a place called better.

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