The One Thing You Must Give Up In Order To Succeed in Business

Today’s Business has moved from telling to showing. The truth is most people already have 80% information of what it takes to succeed in their business. Interestingly, the treasure of their business lies within the 20% they probably don’t know. Pareto’s principle said it best.

Show me somebody who can take a hit and i’ll show you a good entrepreneur.

If you’ve heard me reference the movie ‘Exam’ please forgive me but i’ve got to refer to it once more. Leaving people in a dark room while you watch from the screen can easily tell you who will fit in the outside world and who will be a misfit.

The ‘MisFits’ are the entrepreneurs.

Well, if wishes were horses, beggars will ride.

The world is going to hit you pretty hard, its going to be tough but that’s what will make you last my friend. You don’t really want to have it easy 100% of the journey. If you had such and you’re wired like me, boredom is bound to set in.

A close friend started his business a couple of years ago with a partner of his. Left the country but still ran the business using here in Nigeria using his business partner as the Nigerian Contact only to discover years later when I asked about it, his business partner sort of fronted his new business. Thereby leaving the one they both started out to dry.

Another instance which often happens is when you’ve grown your business to a certain level only to discover that your best staff will have to relocate and your schedule isn’t as free as it once was. What do you do then?

See every new challenge as another phase of life with 2 exits. You either win or lose. Those who win are never the smartest but the most resilient.

How tough is your turf?

It’s like the big bad wolf that attacked the 3 little pigs? The same challenge came to the 3 of them but just ONE came out smiling and on top! Others looked for probably the easiest way out, some didn’t do their research to figure out the strength of the wolf, yet one imagined the worst case scenario and prepared for the best (he didn’t HOPE for the BEST, he prepared for it). No wonder he was the last one standing afterwards.

Give up excuses!

Be resilient! When life throws you down, get back up with a rebound strategy.

You have to be able to take rejection, handle failure, deal with disappointment, and have no down time. Spend no time feeling sorry for yourself. All that time that you are thinking, “poor me,” your competitor is inching closer to that victory – the victory that could have been yours.

It’s all in how well you get back up. Fight!

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