The Number 1 Tool That Makes You Win In Every Situation


Growing up, life was like a roller coaster with loads of javelins thrown my way. Well, not literally. Sometimes, I had to dodge, other times I had to catch those arrows and return it right back.

At times when I wasn’t so sure, you bet, experimenting was at my core. But from that young age, I noticed I had 1 rule. #NoExcuse

No matter what hurdle I had to go through, what tunnel I had to dive in, what ocean I had to swim, I just didn’t mind if there was a life jacket or not but I was determined to float at all cost.

At my lowest moments, I realized one thing, adversity in a way… beyond what I can explain always brought out the best in me.

I often hear extremely ruthless people say, If everything is going just as planned with no hurdles, no roller coasters, then we all should be worried.

If the devil isn’t after you, you might need to check yourself and probably pray it down

Care to know why you’re a target?

Have you seen a thief trying to steal from a poor person? Nah, that’s right. You’re only a target because there’s something extremely enviable about you.

So this made me conclude, the more adversaries you have to go up against, the more giants you have to conquer, the more pits you have to dig just to get water only explains what substance you’re truly made up of.

If a time comes, when objects can talk, you can ask gold what process it undergoes to become refined and how easy it usually is before getting to its final state.

Adversity is the name of the game, Tenacity is the tool that makes you WIN in every situation. –Peace CodyBanks

When next you find yourself in that state of no-return, filled with dark moments, remember its not about what you’re going through, its about where you’re going to. Keep your eyes fixed on that goal with the Whatever-It-takes attitude and in no time, we’d see at the TOP.

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