How to use the Navy Seal approach to crush your goals


If you were to be honest about your goals, there are days you wake up thinking ‘is it even worth it?’. Especially when you’re going through tough times. Whether in business or your personal life. Like for real, shit happens beyond your control at times.

So i recently had one of those days and as I got outside to catch a breath of fresh air, I couldnt miss the amazing art work done by our creator – God. Like guys, the sky ‘as always’ was just so beautiful. I LOVEEEEEEE nature. So i stared up at the skies and just soaked it all in and Eureka! Just like that I asked myself one question, what would happen if God decided to not be consistent? Like would we even have the skies up there? This question amongst others flooded my thoughts and you can imagine how much energy it gave me almost immediately.

Fast forward to just last night I read about the story of a Navy Seal and how rigorous their tasks are. Half of them drop out half way through the training for obvious reasons but guess what! I also learnt that those that make it through to the end never have the option to quit.

It never crosses their mind? Why? Because once it crosses your mind and you start entertaining those thoughts…you can close the curtains…because its the END.

Guard your thoughts jealously because indeed out of it flows the issues of life.

Think like a Navy Seal and watch how the universe follows your lead.

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