My Favorite Slogan

Just Do It

I have experienced huge losses of special ideas that came through in the past just because I refused maximizing the potential of a tiny pencil on a piece of paper. I also chose to ignore my current 5-rated favourite slogan and as one that hates pointing fingers when the chips are down, I think I have had to accommodate such losses with lots of groaning that cannot be uttered on the inside.
Many authors have tried to rephrase this slogan but they all mean the same thing probably in different ways. Brian Tracy wrote a book and tagged it ‘Eat that Frog’. One of my special icons from childhood Mike Murdock says that the smallest pencil is better than the sharpest memory. I totally agree with this statement. That’s why I truly cannot see how productive anyone can ever be without the use of what I tag a PDA. We sure do have blessed Einsteins’ brains of the sharpest life-spans and deepest retainership jars in our brain boxes but why use your brain as a storage facility when it was framed to be a thinking tank? Just saying…
My favourite slogan with respect to how we can handle most of our tasks centers around one of the best global sport brands NIKE which says JUST DO IT. Three words that can save you a whole lot of trouble, heartaches and setbacks.
If we look closely, it doesn’t read ‘just think it’ or ‘just say it’ but it says ‘JUST DO IT’. Often times, we try to attempt something close to the main deal. We tell our friends certain trips we hope to make, We tell others the exams we hope to write before the first quarter wraps up, We talk about the work we have on our desks, We take a tour around the borders of the city without even getting in. Is it bad to voice our ideas or to talk about our plans? No it isn’t. But the bottom line is no one will applaud your intentions. They will hit the skip button telling you to cut to the chase, meaning did you or did you not accomplish what you set to do? Its either a Yes or No and we have also heard that ‘almost’ doesn’t kill a bird.
In the words one of my business tycoons Richard Branson, when those times show up, hang your weapons on and march like a ready soldier saying Screw it, let’s do it!

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