Life could suck at any of these time zones…

If I were to ask you which part of life sucks or to paraphrase even better which ‘Weight of Waiting’ is the hardest, what will your response be?

1. Finding true love

2. Getting married

3. Having Children

4. Landing your dream job

What if I told you I can help you make that weight a lot lighter? If you feel so pressured you’re probably listening to the wrong voices.

In my new book #TheWeightOfWaiting, I address each of these time zones.

I know you’re forming tough on the outside but be honest, are you really doing okay???

The choice is now yours:

frustration + disappointment + depression + heartbreak + insult


peace + progress + fulfillment + joy + contentment + purpose-filled-life….


You can pre-order today and get a gift alongside and watch how fast your life takes a whole new beautiful turn.

See you in the next chapter.

With 💛,
Peace CodyBanks.

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