Will you pass this Litmus Leadership Test?


Everyone is innocent until proven guilty. You truly can’t call yourself a leader until you are certified one by the litmus examiner. Leadership is a lot of responsibility and the silent truth is once you dip your feet in, its a life time responsibility till you draw your last breath.

Let’s get a head start on the E-lane (entertainment lane), after all its Friday right? Thinking of this fantastic movie, geared only for minds who love a little mind-venture like mine. The movie is called Exam. Not so many people seem to have seen it yet but those who have, really do love it. I’m sure at the end of this you’d have been indirectly compelled to watch it.

Back to Business. What truly defines a nation? Is it the leader or the followers? While I understand that this is a very controversial topic, I can understand that genuine answers will be based on where you stand at the moment.

A few years ago, there lived a great leader called Richard who lived by the country side. He was loved by so many people, everyone loved him when he led them and if follower-ship was a sign of great leadership, then I will be correct to say he truly was one. I’d say his team was pretty comfortable with the level of their success. A few years later, a new novice came into¬† town called Harry, he was mandated to replace Richard as the new leader. Harry had no experience yet he had big dreams and one thing everyone could see was that he was restless. So back to my question: Who truly defines a nation? Is it the leader or the followers? In whose hands does the transformation power lie?

Observe the Leadership dynamics between Richard and Harry:

Leadership Style: Richard led a democratic lifestyle. He sought to make everyone happy and comfortable. Harry led a restless lifestyle. He sought to ensure no one left the same way they came.

Passion: Richard was passive. Harry was active.

Enemies: Richard had few enemies. Harry had more enemies.

Adaptability: Richard’s followers experienced change after every 4 years. Harry ensured his team saw new changes every single week.

Audacity: Richard had a calm tone. Harry had a daring command of his tone.

Results: Richard’s tenure had a lot of followers. Harry’s tenure was so daring as it was trans-formative and drew more followers than Harry thought existed in the land.

Law of Inertia.

If you noticed, the team they both had were made up of the same set. Yet little would wonder what transpired. The Law of Inertia got activated .

The Law of inertia states that an object will remain in its state of rest until an external force is applied.

There are certain things to watch out for if you seek to become a Transformational leader. You need to get people off their comfort sofas, even if they never thank you for it.

You can only be certified a true leader once your followers become better leaders than you!

As the Pepsi advert says: Dare For More!!!

Who will you rather be? A Harry or A Richard?

Let’s get back to my question: Who truly defines a nation? Leaders or Followers?


  • Kingsley Okolie says:

    I would rather be an active leader of Harry school. The leader defines his style and the followers either choose to follow or not

  • Mamahannatu says:

    The Richards are often praised in their time but despised after, while the Harrys are hated while they rule, but history smiles at them. For the leader, however, the question is what you want: would you rather be feared, or loved?

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