Ignorance vs Wisdom: The Unconventional Hike

Ignorance over Wisdom

Truth be told, its very common for most people to join the train of what is commonly accepted or clichés that have gone on for so long. For a moment, imagine being in a class, on one side of the floor ‘Wisdom’ is clearly written, on another side, ‘Ignorance’ is. Now, you’re all being told to move over to where you’d like to be a student of life?

Which angle will you drift to? I bet most of you reading this will clearly state the Wisdom side. Of course! Who wants to dwell with those who know nothing right?

Well why that might be true in a sense, i’d agree a couple of years ago I wouldn’t even think twice as a rugged wisdom lover. Although, this time I beg to differ as i’ve become wise enough to say the wiser ones will choose to weigh the options more carefully. Especially knowing this secret which i’d keep simple: Only the thirsty will ever be filled. More than anything you truly want to remain #Thirsty.

Having said that which group do you think will be thirstier? #WisdomGroup or #IgnoranceGroup

Send your thoughts in….

If there’s one thing I love ignorance for, it’s that it forces me to explore new terrains. This picture sums it all up.


Which group will you choose and why?


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