How to turn knowledge into power

Imagine believing that knowledge is power for so long only to realize that it was not exactly the truth.

But let’s just say i’m here to shake some tables, stand on them and then break them completely. Ha!

For so long, I’ve heard the favourite quote that says “Knowledge is power” and so the more I’ve learnt new things, the more i thought i was more powerful but then a game changer happened…

knowledge is not power

Over the years, i’ve come to realize that the popular quote actually missed a key word because

Applied Knowledge is Power

That’s where the magic actually happens.

Not what you’ve read but what you’ve applied based on what you’ve read.

Back in high school, we would always shout “Knowledge is Light”, it was basically a core part of our anthem but guess what…if i could help them rewrite that anthem. I’d tell them to make a little tweak based on this illustration: Knowledge isn’t necessarily light.

Knowledge is simply a torch.

knowledge is not light

Applied Knowledge is Light: It activates the torch

So guys, in your bid to go learn more and read more, try to understand the basic fact that holding the right key doesn’t guarantee you access to the door. Placing the key in the right spot and actually turning it until it unlocks is where the magic happens. Sometimes you might encounter a glitch in the process but remember you can fail forward into greatness. Just as holding a torch doesn’t necessarily guarantee anything. You’ve got turn it on to get illuminated.

I’d like to know if anyone has been on this table i just shook and broke, can’t wait to see if i’ve got company or not.

Stay Activated!!!

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