How to stay productive with low levels of motivation and energy

What if all the efforts to remain productive collapse like a house of cards at the slightest whiff of new circumstances? What if the energy and motivation are replaced the next day by laziness and a lack of motivation to do anything?

Our productivity will inevitably vary depending on the time of day, day of the week, weather, physical condition, and a host of other factors that are not always predictable.

Understanding that we won’t always be on the upswing is an important key to productivity.

Not so much productivity as performance is an important criterion for determining how well we worked today, this week, this month, this quarter or this year. Effort and the level of energy required are not as firmly fixed in the memory as the result of our actions.

If the result is the key to the effectiveness of our efforts, it makes sense to identify it and fix it. At the period at which we can define it.

It is not always realistic to move from top to bottom, defining the desired result of one’s entire life and then breaking it down further into smaller intermediate steps. To move from the context is quite a workable option. It is possible to clarify and adjust the path as you go along.

Nevertheless, it is worth striving to expand the horizon of planning. Sometimes it is even possible by going beyond the horizon of one’s own life, especially if there is an opportunity to involve other people who share similar aspirations and values in achieving this mission.

As for the enjoyment of the process of achievement, that is an important component. There are thousands of ways to arrive at the same result, so it’s a matter of choice. Nevertheless, defining the result comes first – any process is doubly enjoyable when you understand why it’s being performed.

If the desired result is fixed, then no matter how difficult or boring or incomprehensible the task is at first glance, the human mind is able to come up with an appropriate way to implement it. For example, the main criterion may be the interest of the task, connecting the power of curiosity to strengthen the motivation to start.

The presence of alternative results, goals, the achievement of which is also desirable, but with a lower priority, allows the mind to find available to the current level of energy and motivation interesting tasks. At the same time, we must clearly understand the hierarchy of goals in terms of importance, and at the same time we accept that it is acceptable to work on the second and third priorities at a given moment in time. And that is when an attempt has already been made to formulate an interesting task for moving toward the main goal.

Such a system of goals and how to achieve them allows you to have a clear answer to the question of what is worth doing right now in both scenarios:

1) when the level of energy and motivation is high enough and we can take any task for execution;
2) when the level of energy and motivation is low enough and we are forced to look for a task with a high level of interest in order to return to a productive state.

In this case we guarantee the fulfillment of the main criterion of high efficiency – effectiveness.

Ultimately, the system is a to-do list, in which tasks are formulated in such a way that they are interesting to perform, supported by a prioritized list of goals with specific zerotuned results.

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