The Differential Factor: How to Make Your Business Stand Out

Insanity has been termed as ‘doing the same thing over and over only to expect a different result’. Everyday I get to hear people telling others how tough and impossible it is to scale up in life. Most even complain of how they aren’t making ends meet. I will believe them if there’s no one in that company/business that has ever been successful but your guess can be as good as mine. For every black sheep, there’s almost always a white one. Someone defying all odds.

If they CAN, You CAN.

Forget about the tale of silver spoons. To me, that just doesn’t exist. In Life, you need to be fast and furious in a pretty good way. Remember, I never said you must be perfect.

Even when you fail, be fast at getting back up.
When you miss a goal, aim at it again.
If you haven’t tried at least 7 times(minimum), then you don’t have an excuse to quit.

I respect those who go against all odds and still make it.

Perhaps you’re an entrepreneur, chances are you didn’t have the first-mover advantage when you kicked off. But something kept you going right? A slight thought that you knew had to do a little bit of it differently, whether it was Customer Service, Packaging, Delivery etc. Against all odds, you persevered, made a few mistakes and improved as you progress. That’s the Spirit!

Now, you will remain in that constant state until you differentiate yourself from the pack. Always be on the look-out for how to engage your differentiation factor.

How can I stand out from other Businesses?

A couple of months ago, I was privileged to join a production company as the creative director. Guess what? That was my first time being there and deep down I had no clue about what it was about. To make it even more complicated it was about ‘Football‘, of all shows right? But then, I got better by the day, learnt a fast and now whenever I’m seeing a show my mind just goes spinning on how to change the game on our show and make it better.

So I watch programmes with just 1 motive in mind “How can I make our FansConnect show better?”. The entertainment bit for me can always come next but the differential motive for me is always on top.

During lunch break couple of weeks back, I decided to change restaurants and though I wasn’t so sure of another around the area, I simply asked and got introduced to a new one down the road. Hmmm, the area looked weird at first but just at the corner I saw an eatery called “Amala-Coded”.Lol. Funny right? Well till date I describe it as rural meets urban. If you’re calling standard restaurants in that viscinity, you have to mention this.

They are sleek, neat, posh, creative, tasty with varieties to choose from (or point at). Even though their name sounds quite buka-ish, they brought the vibe from the urban life into it which is what I love about it. This was their differential factor and ofcourse, they also deliver just with a phone call.

In whatever you do, its important to figure out your own differential factor. What makes you different from the pack? In your niche, if all businesses were to battle it out (survival of the fittest/fastest/most-profitable business), will you survive and where will you fall? Top 10 or Last 10. Ponder on this!

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