How To Have A Really Good Morning

No, you don’t have to eat spinach, concoction or mechanistically begin planning your day according to some odd formula in the morning. You’re human. The first thing you need to do is get your head on straight. Get your feelings sorted. Your mood. Anger abated – you don’t want to start the day tripping over everything to be tripped on!

So what does a morning ritual need to contain to put you in the right frame of mind to be productive and feel like you can conquer or face anything? It should make you feel happy too, right?

Yeah, feeling happy is important. This is a “morning ritual”, no need for a “mourning exercise.”
The key to remember is PCO:

– Purpose
– Control
– Optimism

Why these three? What do they matter? And how can you turn each of these three to a Godzilla of a morning ritual that will make the Earth and sea tremble at your approach?

Acquiring the Purpose to Conquer the day –

You know what’s great first thing in the morning? To feel you’re on a mission. You have a destiny. Your life has a meaning. You’re beginning an epic quest, and nothing can stop you. Look beyond the mundane aspect of your work – if you are an accountant in a Government parastatal, you purpose is not make greedy contractors with inflation budget and fat bellies get even more greedy and fatter, but more about helping the organisation maintains its relevance in making the lives of millions better – and you are the key to those millions of people whose face you will never see in this life.

Note that, “reframing your experience.” is most important here. You might not be able to change what you have to do but you can change how you see it. This is very important for a really good morning, and ultimately the rest of the day.Feel In Control


Feel In Control, Feel the Force

Losing control gets celebrated in pop songs but doesn’t come near feeling happy in real-life. So avoid it and stop the illusion. Do you want to be happy? Feeling in control is key.

People with a sense of control in their lives, in both career and relationship, were 66 percent more likely to report feeling happy and satisfied, a recent study showed.

It helps you get stuff accomplished too.

A study comparing students of similar ability found that the feature that distinguishes those who maintain a strong work ethic in their studies from those who give up is a sense of control. Those who expressed a sense of control received significantly higher grades than those who do not.

But how do you get control? Disclaimer here, killing and binding all you enemies virtual, real or perceived won’t give you control. Gaining control is simple –

Set goals for the day ahead. Having concrete goals was correlated with huge increases in confidence and feelings of control.

Feel No Barrier, Feel Optimistic

Researchers tested soldiers on endurance. Turns out it had a lot more to do with their head than their legs. Hope and despair can be self-fulfilling prophecies.

Lesson: …the brain does not want the body to expend its resources unless we have a reasonable chance of success. Our physical strength is not accessible to us if the brain does not believe in the outcome because the worst possible thing for humans to do is to expend all of our resources and fail. If we do not believe we can make it, we will not get the resources we need to make it. The moment we believe, the gates are opened, and a flood of energy is unleashed. Both hope and despair are self-fulfilling prophecies.

Think about your goal, consider the obstacles and then figure out how you might be able to overcome them. You’re more hopeful and persistent when you’ve considered the problems ahead and made a plan.

Now that you can PCO your way to a great morning, morning exercise(as a routine) can do lots of tricks too. And a cup of coffee, oh my, won’t hurt, always works for me.

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