Still doubting your strengths? Make this little tweak…

Have you ever felt the pressure to be who others want you to be not who you think you really are?

I’ve had to sit on that table for a while growing up which is why it breaks me on a whole new level to see young folks crawl through that same tunnel. Society could even make you feel like your perspective is wrong. Well, so glad we all know better now. It’s okay to see differently and it’s totally okay to be different.

There was a time I thought I had a fundamental problem just because I am naturally quiet. So whenever I’m in the presence of an extreme extrovert, they force you to think you’ve got to shout as loud as they do but I realized later on that just by being YOU-nique in my own way by getting better on my own lane, I activated the treasures I didn’t even know existed.

This is for anyone out there thinking you’ve got to become a chameleon before you can be succeed. Please scratch that…you really are enough! The only thing you should ever try to be, is the best version of who you are! Once you do, the whole world will adjust and if they don’t, learn to take pride in your originality and authenticity as there are very few with such label.

Through experience and exposure I’ve come to realize that there are 4 P’s that could help people make the right pivot and that right early. The 4 P’s are Passion, Purpose, People and Profit. I’ve discovered that once you can consciously activate these 4 P’s there’s nothing you won’t be able to achieve in life.

I’m looking forward to helping as many teenagers activate their hidden treasures in the Unplugged Bootcamp which holds monthly via flexible digital platforms. If you personally know or have any teenager within the age range of 13 -20years, feel free to send them this link and let’s plant the right seed pretty early.

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