How to Catch a Corporate Criminal disguised as an Employer


Have you noticed how most articles are addressed to employees, yet there are some red-flags that could save employees from a bad employer. Be sure to observe the warning signals carefully.

1. High Staff Turn Over Rate

Usually employers ask how long were you at your last job. This time before you take up any job offer, you need to ask why did the last person quit? Because Corporate Criminals make it seem like the last person was not competent enough meanwhile they are usually the ones seeking to betray whatever the agreement was initially. Remember, not everything is as it seems and even when they explain it, be sure to read between the lines.

2. Prone to Delay Agreements

There’s no flag as red as this. When you sense someone is intentionally delaying an agreement, be sure to think twice. Even when you receive such an agreement, be sure to read twice or better yet, give to your lawyer friend to have a closer look.

What you ignore or miss in an agreement might haunt you down the line.

3. Deficiency in 5Cs of credit.

Remember, back in the days when taking such business related courses, we were always advised to exercise caution before giving loans especially if the client lacked any of the 5Cs – Character, Capacity, Capital, Collateral and Conditions. For some reasons, they always stressed on the first – Character.
In retrospect, I strongly believe those courses were useful. Employers are pretty nice. It’s important you give them benefit of doubt until they’ve been proven otherwise.

4. Deviation from the Subject Matter

Two months ago I was in a conversation with a client who was all free and friendly until the time we got to that bus stop called #Money. Initially, his words were that he enjoyed my professionalism, only for all that to change when we spoke about the remuneration. You can’t imagine that a friendly conversation turned out to become something else. First, he looked at me in a comic way, just to ensure by all means my attention was deviated from the amount I was proposing, and then when he realized I saw that as being dodgy, he kept his cool and stayed on the subject matter.

Peradventure, the negotiation seems to be going south with your employer, be sure to transform it to your favour.

Be careful guys, you really want to stay far away from those who play games!!! Especially when they are in the corporate world.

Have you ever had a not-so-good experience with an employer? Do feel free to share. Looking forward to reading.

Watch out for the Season 2.

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