How my Wish Came True and What Happened Next…


Who says wishes don’t come true. We’ve heard that saying ‘be careful what you wish for because you just might get it all’. Herein lies my story

As part of my New Year rituals. While others make resolutions, I carve out a date for brainstorming sessions with friends, business partners, moguls, tycoons and most times make a silent wish that somewhere in the blend of ideas, we’d forge an adventurous ride.

So I’ve got a dear friend, more like a tycoon… let’s call him Ace, we had this chat about how to win big the new year, rubbed minds, strategized and then I literally loved the ideas he shared and thought to myself “Wow! that looks like a pretty cool adventurous ride, let’s see how I can dive in”

Ofcourse, he welcomed the idea with an open mind and thought we could share some thoughts via emails which I did. Little did I know that this will be the beginning of a near-end experience for me.

Guess what?

He took about 1 week to send his response then, the next BIG thing happened.

When his mail came through, I literally fainted inside me. Care to know why?

The depth of work required, the hours that had been invested, the new seas he had to navigate through to get to where he was and all of that made me appreciate the project even more and brought me to the point in which I had to admit and resound this quote by Socrates

Now I know that I know nothing – Socrates

Here are some lessons from my brainstorming session

  • Iron sharpeneth Iron: If you truly want to go far, locate someone who has gone ahead and then try to stand on his/her shoulders
  • Collaboration will always take you farther than you ever imagine.
  • Enjoy the journey as much as the destination: From Ace, I learnt that even though he had not achieved his goals yet, he sure has discovered impeccable findings along the way that he wouldn’t trade for anything.
  • Always strike a difference between pet projects and business projects. Only the latter can pay the bills.
  • In the end, you’d have a clearer view when you have a heart-heart chat than when you keep it enclosed within yourself.
  • If you aren’t ready to adapt, be ready to get left behind.
  • There’s a Price to pay for a Dream only you can see.
  • Having a mentor is the surest way to move from Point A to Point C without going through Point B.
  • Every genius will leave his door open for intelligent questions
  • Questions are the quickest way to clear your doubts.
  • Well, my response ofcourse to his mail had a lot of humour in it that definitely included the bit that I partially fainted half-way through reading. Lol

    On a lighter note,

    if you can LAUGH at it, you can and will OVERCOME it, no matter what IT is! -CodyBanks

    Cheers to my new adventure!!! It’s going to be a pretty deep dive! Only come along if you love to swim.



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