How I made a tiny mistake that triggered my mental health

You know how you’ve told yourself to overcome the analysis paralysis that comes with being a perfectionist only to find yourself in a situation after making a mistake that nearly erased all the labour towards that goal.

Just yesterday, I felt an urge to drive a point about how to turn knowledge into power. I had all the points that had hovered around my head and heart written down and with that feeling of “THIS IS IT”, you can picture me rubbing both hands together while hitting the send button.

But guess what!

As i hit the send button, i discovered I had made a mistake, a tiny little mistake. I simply said If knowledge is power, professors will be the richest. Instead of ‘if knowledge is power, professors will be the most powerful’.

Truth is – I saw the mistake.

But I did nothing about it. Why? Because i had sent it out there already and I knew if i withdrew the post i’d probably end up not sending it again as I could enter the rabbit hole of overthinking.

So I did absolutely nothing about it.

Few minutes later, messages were trooping in about how cool that disruptive thinking is and all that stuff but amongst them I got someone clearly pointing out my error to me.

She said that was a flawed thinking especially since I clearly stated ‘power’ not ‘riches’ so it was wrong to have placed riches beside it and all that stuff. I’m sure you get the gist.

I thanked her and said it was an oversight while stating what I meant to write actually.

But the correction wasn’t the problem for me. The trigger was the actual problem.

I almost did a reset of what the mindset I had worked on for so long. About how to OWN every single bit of the highs and lows, the ups and downs, the successes and mistakes… all of it.

Here’s what I did next…

Instead of staying stuck in my thoughts, I asked myself why people actually feel this way and how could we control such triggers.

There are a few reasons why mistakes could torment the perfectionist in us:

  • What Will People Say Syndrome: The thought that most will start to think that we are not all that smart as they once thought. However, we fail to remember that it is better to try and fail than overthink and get paralysed in attempting anything.
  • We will appear vulnerable: If you’re quite conscious of people’s perception of you, it’s always difficult to create a window into the walls of your heart and life.

But the beauty that came at the end of processing my thoughts was culled from movies. Do you know how boring it is to actually watch movies that are so predictable. No matter how great the cast is, movies feels better when there’s a bit of suspense in a very relatable way (which in this case happens when you own your flaws – ALL of them).

So, if you’re a perfectionist, one thing you should never do is deny your flaws, embrace every single part of them and wear them as proud scars just like a soldier will after he has won a battle.

Guess what!

You only read this long post to this point because of that simple mistake I made!!! If that isn’t the coolest irony, I don’t know what is.

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