Why High Performers Look Forward to Weekends

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The weekends are a time for relaxation and rejuvenation before another work week starts. Taking time away from work helps with creativity, your mental health and various other aspects of your well-being.

The weekends are also the time that high-achievers and peak performers use to ensure themselves of growth and expansion.

They’re not working around-the-clock to achieve this nor using a secret life hack. Instead, they’re setting aside one hour during the weekend to map out the upcoming week. Plan all the strategies – figuring what boat to sink, float and capsize at the same time.

High-achievers recognise that as their ambitions grow, their potential to fall into the busy work trap grows. Knowing this, time management and organisational skills become a must-have skill – when you fail to plan your week ahead, it’s the same as aimlessly wandering in a forest without a compass.

I learnt this in a beautiful way during my enrollment in the CMA 1-on-1 Coaching Class two months ago. But, blocking off one hour during the weekend equips you with a compass making you more efficient, less stressed and improving your overall well-being.

Here’s the four-step approach to planning your upcoming week.

1. Review the previous week.
2. Get all of your ideas out of your head.
3. Input your activities onto your calendar.
4. Decide on your daily actions for the next week.

Let no one tell you the above does not work, Doing above will simply turn you from being under-achiever to a great achiever.

I even have a friend who cooks all next week’s meal, the Saturday before – not surprising she glows all the time.

I like to read from you, let me know in the comment box how you prepare ahead.

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