Here’s how I started the New Year: FARMing

We Made it to a new season, new chapter, new year, new you (that depends on if you’ve changed or not. Lol) – Just another way I officially say Happy New Year folks! If there’s a slight bit of thought in your mind wondering why I’m sending this late when it feels like the year started a long time ago…


I plan to answer your thoughtful question with a simple answer:

I’ve been FARMing guys.

So while many people really think i’m literally talking about farming this year, let me quickly state that it’s a FAB idea and might be worth considering you know. lol.

More importantly the theme of my year has everything to do with the FARM. I’m sure you’re in a hurry to figure out what exactly i mean.

Nature has a way of providing a map for our path and if we can simply pay more attention, no doubt we’d gain clarity on most things.

Get your hoes, shovels, seeds, waterpot and a dash of 🌞sun as we go farming…

🌵🌾Welcome to my F.A.R.M 🌵🏵️

Freshen up

Truth be told, farmers love FRESH produce. So if we’re going to be relevant in our niche(no matter what that is), we’ve got to stay fresh, updated and current irrespective of your industry.

This means praying, taking courses, reading more, building new relationships or networks. Fresh by all means implies sharpening your tools to achieve your goals just the way a farmer would.

Basically you already have a clue what this means to you so just hop on it and go do it.

ACTively Plant/Harvest

The key word here is ACT. It goes beyond just doing a course because others think its a good idea or commencing that startup because being an entrepreneur is the gig of the season.

Let me deviate a bit from the Farm and get into the Movie industry. Have you seen any actor just get on scene without knowing the role he’s going to be acting in or what he’d be acting as? No matter how skillful he may be, he needs solid knowledge before ACTing out his scene.

So whether you’re planting, harvesting or acting, its important you understand the reason WHY, For WHOM, HOW to or WHERE and it’s okay if you don’t have all the answers just ensure you’ve got enough knowledge to enable you plant your talent, skills or even seeds.

I really could give another spin to the importance of this but I’d do that on another post.

Recycle Seeds

Nothing should ever get wasted. I get that it’s a new year, new decade (though some are still debating if its actually a new one or the end of one), new chapter and all that new stuff but rather than seeking new things you think might work, double down on things you have tested and confirmed already work.

Someone has said why change what isn’t broken?

Same thoughts!

Reuse it. Recycle it.

Maintain your crops

The name simply speaks for itself.

In this part of the world, even with the natural resources and assets we have, one think is clearly lacking and that’s maintenance. This is what you’ve got to work on. Why do farmers use manure? I’d leave you answer that yourself.

Bringing this to your life, one way you can ensure you achieve your goals is to maintain your health. Health is Wealth. Health is Work. Health is Life. From what you eat to those little walks in the cool of the evening especially when you’ve been behind the wheels for hours in traffic. While it’s important to put in the work, put in the walk as well

Ultimately, let this FARMing mind be in you as you navigate through 2020’s green pastures. It’s one thing to plant, another thing to harvest but in the end, it’s God that gives the increase. Don’t forget to sprinkle your crops with heaven’s showers.

Now you,

  1. Which of the F.A.R.M bolts do you see yourself paying more attention to?
  2. Do you think we’re in a new decade or we’re just about to end 1 by December 2020?

Share your thoughts with me in the comment section

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