Ndudi Okoh: Scientist turned Fashionista

I love listening for exceptional stories of people who are living intentionally and walking down the aisle of their dreams. Over the weekend, I had a chat with a Scientist who has risen to become a Fashion Titan in CodyBanks’ Mentoring Academy (CMA). Her name is Ndudi Okoh.

Like me, she studied Computer science in the University. As she journeyed on, she discovered her passion and decided to try her hands on the Fashion spin. Starting with family and friends as her first clients, she has over the months grown steadily in expanding her client-base.

In so much that she recently had to quit her 9 to 5 job to make time for what she truly believes in. This time around with Nd, there’s no turning back! She is ruthless with the pecks of Fashion, as a designer she truly listens to the needs and style of her customers.

Listening as we know is an art which only few have.

Ndudi is truly the Fashion Titan to watch out for and to think she is still extremely young, i’d say the Galaxy is just the beginning for her.

Fashion Nd(Ndudi: on the left)

This is one TITAN I believe in and if you haven’t done so already, contact her for your lovely designs… you can be sure to reach out while you still can. With her fast growing pace, I strongly believe the time is coming when you might have to observe protocol to see her.

“The world makes way for the man who knows where he is going” – Ralph Waldo Emerson.

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  • olabodejames says:

    Taking the plunge, and not bothering to check if there is a parachute – only way life’s smallest moments can be treasured and thus hold more value. Cheers Ndudi – which you the best of it all.

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