Fashion Fades, Style Brings Out The Best In You

Fashion - style

Seasons Change, Fashion Fades, but Style is Eternal. Knowing what works and what doesn’t is the first rule of the fashion game. No matter how beautiful a dress is on a friend, if you lack the figure for it, don’t abuse it by wearing it.

The Legend said it best, one of the best rules that works for you no matter who you are remains …

“Know Thyself – Socrates“.

Ask Yourself

Which colours brings out the best in you?

Depending on who you are, there are some colours that simply sparks up your world. Observe a friend/colleague/spouse for a week, which colours do they often have on. On the 7th day, you can randomly ask them which colour is their favourite, you may not be 100% accurate but I bet you’d at least be in the 80% range.

What style do you feel 5-star in?

Without asking, let me use Mark Zuckerberg. If you happen to be in the Tech space, you already know that Grey looks good on Mark. Well, it all started in one day, he wasn’t born with that colour.
Mark Zuckerberg - Fashion

In the Religion Space, You can’t find David Oyedepo without his White Suit and Red Tie.

Well, My Mentor, Matt Pocius always has his own style with the bow tie.
Matt Pocius - Fashion

Let’s talk about weirdness, no matter how some of us might question this style, Denrele has succeeded in creating a weird-space for himself. Interestingly, I even learnt that he sews these himself. True or not, I think the tailor (whoever that is) can only be as creative as Denrele requires him to.
Denrele - Fashion

Need I say more, this post will be incomplete without my tweenie from another mum. The Spoken Word Genius – iamgenetics. Her hair is a style on its own.
Iamgenetics - Fashion

Tai Lopez, another mentor of mine created his style from head to toe. I can try to break it down here – Specs, Branded Shirts with his own quotes and his Sneakers.
Tai Lopez - Fashion

Few years ago, a friend attended a conference and guess what, while everyone was corporately dressed, someone attended the conference with a dog, short knicker and a T-shirt. Care to know who stood out? Ofcourse, he did.

There’s no better day to carve a niche-style for yourself like today. Style can either be authentic or borrowed. Sticking to it through thick and thin is what makes it you.

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