How to Fail Forward into Greatness

All greatness start from failures.

When you succeed, you party; When you fail, you ponder ~Tony Robbins

Pondering is where the curve starts moving upwards when you’re on the greatness tower.

It’s okay to have missed your route, it’s okay to have missed a step, it’s alright to have missed a hit but giving up is never an option.

Back in 2012, I worked towards going for my master’s in 2013, I tried all i could and then I felt like I got pretty close but I just wasn’t close enough to hit that target.

So in 2013, I prepared with a different strategy. This time I felt like I had a better advantage. Like the knowledge I’d gathered gave me an extra edge.

Reminiscing that moment, its like in 2012, i worked HARD for it but fast forward it to a year later, I worked SMART, felt more relaxed and then even though I experienced some hurdles along the way (which is normal as long as you’re still breathing), my approach was totally different.

When you truly know where you’re heading and you’ve got enough belief-fuel in your faith tank, even the universe can’t stop you.

And YES!!! I made it in 2014, the timing was just perfect!!! Looks like the disappointment in 2012 kinda worked to my favour. Guess when its your SET time, everything just falls in place. Even the seemingly shut doors will pretend to just have been closed not locked.

When you ain’t sure what next to do, simply #Ponder, don’t #Panic, ensure your #Peace is intact and #Progress will be activated.

Play the P~cards in the right manner.


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