Entrepreneurs: Ditch the virtue that doesn’t add up

Dear Entrepreneurs,

Remember how easy it was on your last job, right before you resigned. You did little to nothing, yet your pay was sure. Even a raise was almost guaranteed yearly. Well, fast forward to your new reality. The game plan has changed as an entrepreneur. This time around you’ve got to go all out if you want to get anything in.

Back in the days, Patience was a virtue. This time around Impatience is the new virtue you must embrace.

On the last job you had, customers came to you because that business had built a brand. This time around, you go to them. You’ve got to be the last person they think of before going to bed and the first call they receive, well right after breakfast. This is the one and only way to grow.

Few minutes ago, I just placed a call across to a potential customer and her words were “how are you doing, i’m sorry i’ve not called”. Guess what? I never even knew she had my number since I didn’t hear from her. In this entrepreneurial space only the HUNGRY will ever get filled up. Most customers are passive, you can’t afford to become a passive entrepreneur as well.

So my question to you is “How Bad Do You Want It?”

Make the call
Do the pitch
Read up

Ultimately, never sit still.

During the last innovention series by Verdant Zeal, which was held yesterday (March 22nd, 2018) with a panel discussion moderated by Dare Art Alade alongside Ali Baba Atunyota Akpobome Fagade Abisoye Ramsey Nouah, Ade Adefeko and Yahaya Maikori. Questions were raised and a student asked about internship, her pain was that why is it just so difficult to get an internship in a good organization even though they might pay little for that period.

Dare Art Alade’s response was on point, he said with so much talent in the land, you need to be a genius and extremely talented to gain some attention. Sitting and hoping is simply an application for disappointment (paraphrased). He added (while pointing to the panel) that you won’t understand the amount of proposals they still work on irrespective of how highly placed you think they are.

That was just spot on!

Nothing could have been added to such truth. The days of waiting are simply over.

If you’ve gotten this far, you need to get back to that business idea you placed on hold for so long. Stop waiting for your SHIP to come in. DIVE in and SWIM towards it.

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