Daniel Bryan’s Falling Tide & Why Time Beats Talent

“Time is the greatest currency ever, you’ve got to be careful of how you spend it and ensure your return on investment is high when you invest it”.  Does this sound familiar?

Do you know you can be quite skilled, multi-talented and pumped with so much fans yet if you’re slow, you’re almost always going to get left behind.

Wondering why I’d draw such a conclusion?

Well, I love getting wisdom vibes from even the most entertaining things I capture.

Recently, after jumping the broom, I’ve gotten accustomed to a few names from WWE Raw and ofcourse we take time out to just enjoy the battles.

Not that you asked but some of my favourites are Seth Rollins and Rowdy Ronda Rousey, let’s just say I really like these duo, the rest can take the back seat.

But there’s this human that gets on my nerves ALWAYS, I mean ALWAYS. His name is Daniel Bryan. He’s cool, calm and collected and ofcourse popularly known as the YES man but he gets my NO almost always.

There are times when I really dislike his opponent but his attitude tilts me to support his opponent over him.


He’s skilled, talented but extremely SLOW and in that ring you’ve got to be an extremely Fast-Mover or you’d get slaughtered.

Bringing this back to Business!

No matter how sleek your product is or how stylish your office looks, if you don’t move fast when you’re supposed to, customers are most likely going to port.

You can’t afford to get left behind in this fast moving world guys.

Time isn’t just necessary… Time is EVERYTHING when it comes to business.

Putting your best foot forward at the wrong time is worse than BAD.

Just like Daniel you’ve got to master the times and seasons if you really seek to WIN.


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