How to Choose the Right Business Partner

As easy-pizzy as this sounds many ideas have blossomed and failed with either choosing the right or wrong business partner respectively. 2018 is another season to re-adjust your sails. If you’re already sailing in the right direction, increase your speed. Otherwise, its best to either jump ship or at least re-adjust the sail.

Businesses often start out as an idea or like a seed. That’s almost the easiest part. In order for that idea to grow healthy, it has to be nurtured rightly and most times the idea needs much more than your skills or your nursery bed (Idea-Hive).

Here are some few tips that can help in choosing the right business partner:

Do you share common values?

The values you share often become the foundation on which that business is built. Those values will guide you when the rocky storms come your way (Oh and they sure will come). Over the years, i’ve had to partner with a few in executing some ideas and there are times our values help us define if the new client will be a hero or a zero.

A HERO client is one we sure can be of service too, who will also end up being profitable. A ZERO client is definitely one who comes across as dodgy or in some cases, one whom we foresee we might disappoint along the line especially if our plate seems full. Usually, its best to avoid the ZERO clients. As it’s always advisable to pick your fights and the worst thing that can happen is when your business partner sees you as the enemy in advancing the business goals. Ensure you both are on the same page when it comes with the core values.

Define what he/she brings to the table.

Assumption is the #1 killer. It’s important to come out straight most times. Define what your business partner brings to the table. That way everyone stays within the confines of their expertise.

If you can’t measure it, you won’t treasure it. ~CodyBanks

How trend savvy is he/she in that industry?

Staying ahead is what will make you relevant these days. Change has to be constant for growth to be enhanced. If you’ve got a partner that still believes in disseminating only flyers over social media to spread your idea, you’re living in the past and might soon become extinct for the best part of it.
You’ve got to have a dynamic partner if your desire is to WIN BIG.

Do your hobbies align?

Well, I get the fact that this question might not seem so relevant. But trust me, its probably 1 of the most important. For instance, by default I love laughing. It’d be totally insane for me to be around one with a bad sense of humour. It’s like a dagger in my heart.

Do your skills complement each other?

If you’re a starter? You might need to get a finisher as your partner. That way you both will be able to execute the task from start to finish



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