Challenges vs Opportunities: The Breaking Point

Opportunities abound everywhere. Don’t be among those who echo words like “The More You Look, The Less You See”. While this may be true for others, their opinion shouldn’t become your reality.

Whenever there’s a challenge, there’s always an opportunity for you to step up to the plate. This has always been the game of the universe. Athletes are aware that it’s not enough to be skilled at what you do, you’ve got to be disciplined enough to abide by certain rules. Otherwise, you’d be a disqualified champion before the game starts.

You know what? Life always steers in the direction of your thoughts. Yeah it’s true that you can walk past a gold mine and simply think it’s the dirtiest location ever, yet another person might have trained their eyes to always see opportunities where others see challenges. It’s unwise to ever think that life itself is all about you. You never know who you could inspire to lead a revolution that will positively change this world.

Let’s look at a few radical examples

Martin Luther King Jr

A radical example would be Martin Luther King Jr, beyond being an inspiration for Barack Obama’s emergence as the first black president of America. I personally know a guy called MLK Adesanya who has accomplished great strides so far in life. He can barely complete the story of his life without making reference to Martin Luther King Jr. Few years ago while in Unilag, he became the student president because he simply believed in those few words “Yes, I Can” and “He Did”. Till date, he’s got the initials (MLK) attached to his name. That simply explains how powerful and impactful a life can be even in the grave, MLK’s deeds still continues to speak.

Has anyone ever seen the movie “Annie“, I guess there are many versions of this movie but i’m referring to just this one in which Quvenzhan√© Wallis and Jamie Foxx starred in. Those 2 actually met because someone saw an Opportunity. An opportunity requires your readiness.

So while waiting for your next big breakthrough, keep working on your dreams from where you are. You might discover something new.

Les Brown

Les Brown always wanted to be a disc jockey growing up but never got an opportunity. One day his mentor sent him to his friend who works in a radio station. He got there only to be rejected after being asked if he had a resume that matched such role and his answer was no. He got back and his mentor made a statement that changed his life forever.

Some people are too negative that they have to say “No” many times before they give you the first “Yes”.

Those words became the new drive that sent him back there several times. Every new day Les would go there and ask if there was any space available saying “I came because I thought someone has resigned or has been fired”. Until one day, the guy got fed up and when Les appeared again he simply asked him to get coffee. From getting coffee, he landed his dream job as a disc jockey in that company.

Sometimes you have to fail forward until you achieve the greatness you desire.

A Pessimist sees the Difficulty in Every Opportunity; An Optimist sees the Opportunity in Every Difficult ~Winston Churchill

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