To Buy Or Not To Buy: Learn these 3 shopping tricks


Shopping Makes the World go round. Money is the ticket to get on that flight.

While there are many industries, careers, professions, products, services and what-have-you? We all have one thing in common: we are always selling something.

If you are:

  • an inventor – you’re selling an idea
    a dentist – you’re selling a service
    a teacher – you’re selling a philosophy
    a doctor – you’re selling a treatment
    a developer – you’re selling a solution

  • Whatever you are, you need to always be at your best!

    But imagine there are 2 shops adjacent to each other, selling the same service or product, these tiny little bits can position Shop A in an advantage position over Shop B.


    Can you recall when last you walked into a store with an intention of buying only one thing and ended up buying three? There were so many colourful brands screaming for your attention. Brand is not all about the design. Its everything and usually intangible. It’s what you can see and cannot explain all at once. The colours, the design, the feeling, the authenticity and so much more.


    A cake might look so beautiful but if at first bite its got only salt within and no sugar, its only a matter of time for your customers to try out Shop B. While Branding might be important, the function of that product has to be top notch as well.

    Beauty attracts, Character attaches.

    Just imagine one’s character to be the function of that product.


    Service can either make you or mar you and this often rides on some traditional wings. If your service is rock solid, you will need to run less promos and if its at bottom rock, you might need to close shop. Service is almost everything. Even if you’re going to employ others, be sure you train them.
    With 2 people selling the same product at the same price, the only thing that will make them choose yours might be these factor.
    Will you be happy if YOU served YOU that service? Be honest with yourself.

    #Empathy is the quickest way to UP your service game – Peace CodyBanks.

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