The Life Cycle of your Business: The Beginning, Middle, End

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Every business has 3 sides. Imagine a tricycle, the way it can balance is to ensure every side is up and running. If I asked you which side of a business is the hardest to implement what would it be? Let’s understand all 3 sides squarely.

The Beginning Stage
This comes with a lot of numbness, fear of action, consequences of potential failures, the gossips of competition, the financial sledgehammer, the inadequacy of the idea, inability to know if that idea-baby is ready to be brought forth into this world and the list becomes endless. This often results to numbness as over-analysis often leads to some sort of paralysis.

Amidst the fears and worries could be some certain truth. But as we might have often heard that an unproven idea will remain a dream if not acted upon.

The Middle
The first thing that comes to mind is the midlife crisis, I think they say its between age 35 – 50years. I’m stand to be corrected on this. This can be scary especially when it dawns on you that age is not on your side.

The sad reality is when most people have scaled the beginning, they simply think they have arrived. Which is so far from reality. There’s the contest of keeping up with the Jones (in this case, competition) and your neighbour is never smiling.

In the words of Leke Alder, at this point, you need to activate your Sticktoittiveness genes. Let’s at least pray you have some.

The End
Please note: this is a myth because there really is no end. Doubt me? Let me prove it! Life is not a means to an end. Life is a CYCLE. The earlier you realize it, the better, simpler and even holy your whole life becomes. Not to scare you but ask an expectant mother, at a point she thinks if i can just have this baby right? I’d finally be free. Once the baby is birthed, the sleepless night marathon begins and you wish the baby outgrows being a toddler. All of us still blessed with a mother would agree that they just never see the end to their caring because there’s no end.

The same goes for any business. A true idea or business isn’t meant to have an end. Its meant to birth other baby ideas but you won’t be able to appreciate the process if you can’t complete this hurdle. This is where you need to release your patience nerves. In the words of Grant Cardone, engage the Whatever-It-Takes approach in whatever you do.

I’d like to wrap this up with a tweetable:
“it’s not over until you win but only you gets to decide what your win is”

Which phase always seems the hardest for you to embark on? Leave your comments below.

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