Boost the Dreams of that Child: Unplugged Teenage Bootcamp

One of the most asked questions during interviews with business moguls is ‘what advice will you give your younger self?’.

The Teenage window is the passage from childhood to adulthood. Interestingly that window is only opened for such a short period of time.

While schooling is great, most life skills are missed out of the curriculum and it doesn’t matter which part of the world you’re in. Some life skills can’t be taught within those four walls.

This Bootcamp helps to discover and activate the hidden treasures in teenagers. I’d be exploring the 4P’s and how they can use that to their advantage in life.

Each Saturday in May we’d focus on exploring each of the P’s.

PASSION – Discover and Master what makes you tick.

PURPOSE – Discover and learn how to live on purpose.

PEOPLE – Understand the make up of your personality and how to identify different personality types using the P.A.S.E system

PROFIT – learn how to generate income from what you love doing the most.

This Bootcamp is drill of a lifetime where teens get to learn YOUnique skills from self mastery – how to activate their dreams – how to set goals and surpass them – overcoming fear and ultimately having fun while at this because in the end a purposeful well rounded life is all that counts. All this would be centered on hands-on projects.

Give your teens the platform you probably missed by investing in their future today!

Will you be the one that passes the torch unto them or that blows out that fire all because you failed to share the information or better still sponsor them?

I’d let you be a judge of that.

With just less than 12slots left, hurry today while slots last.

Unplugged fee: N5,000
Bootcamp Platform: WhatsApp
Payment gateway

For enquiries call 09098644366

If you’re interested, sign up right here√

See You In The Activation Hub!!!

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