Peace CodyBanks

Welcome! I’m Peace CodyBanks

My goal is to activate your hidden treasures and coach you to become a high performance person in life by giving you tools immediately that will help improve your liveability and master the business of your talent.

Is it possible? Absolutely!  Wait a minute….there’s only one condition…If you’re willing to give it ALL or NOTHING! As we might have heard “If wishes were horses, beggars will ride”…Stop wishing…Start working!

TheMindOfCodyBanks.Com is solely here to point you in the right direction as it takes you layer by layer through the pillars that have helped me in such a short time.

It’s true that those who risk nothing, do nothing but more importantly become nothing. Do you still think you’d like to imagine what its like to break out of the conventional box? Then book a free strategy session and watch your treasures get activated!


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