How To Avoid Vision Leaks In Your Team

vision leaks

Vision is the driving force behind every A-team. Although there is a tendency of having some vision leaks. Just imagine driving a car that you’ve not serviced for over 3 month. Suddenly, you might be flagged down by a kind driver hinting you that your engine oil is leaking. This is similar to what can happen if you’ve stayed too long from servicing your vision.

2 Ways to Stop Vision Leaks

Regular brainstorming session

There’s nothing as frustrating as not knowing why you do what you do. No matter what level you rise up the organisational ladder, be sure to enforce that in your team.

As simple and common as a brainstorming session sounds, its effect goes a long way. When I worked in the banking sector, we always had Fridays set aside for KSS (Knowledge Sharing Session), we rarely missed it for anything. It was mandatory. Everyone aspect of that branch was crucial from security, marketers, cleaners, operators. No one was left out.

Beyond KSS, we also had Monday strategy sessions for marketers as a reminder of our goals. This way the team stays fired up to win in the new week.

Visual Displays

As a generation, we have moved from text to visuals. It was Mike Murdock who said once I walk into a room, I can almost tell where its heading. The environment you surround yourself clearly depicts where you’re heading and who you are. Have you tried walking into a detective space? You’d realize its got all kinds of wanted faces pinned on the wall. An artist also displays his art work by default because at any point in time, he could hit the jackpot of his life.

vision wall

Write the Vision, Draw the Vision, Paint the Vision, Pin the Vision.
This is the only way those who see it will run.


If you’ve got an office space, try to pin visuals that inspire, fuel and paint your vision to the wall.

Watch what happens!!!

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