A Tiny Boost for your Dreams


Some dreams are so big.
They make you wanna hide.

Some dreams are so scary.
They make you sound crazy.

Some dreams are so pure.
They make you wanna draw.

Some dreams are like butterflies.
They make you wanna learn how to fly.

Some dreams are almost impossible.
Which is why we’ve got to believe in the invisible.

~Peace CodyBanks

Ever noticed how hard it is for us to carry our shield of faith and how easy it is for us to wear our cloak of fear?

One is a SHIELD, the other is a CLOAK.

Faith is a SHIELD, Fear is a CLOAK.

Literally speaking it seems like a cloak is easier to carry or wear than a shield but that’s the FEAR in you speaking once more.

Guess what I just realized.

If both Fear and Faith are the folks on a seesaw, they’ve got equal weights and YOU determine which way it swings.

Yup! you heard that right. EQUAL-Weight. I know some will expect me to say Faith weighs more but no YOU determine what weighs more.

The weight you put into any of them is what gives it the boost to outweigh the other. It’s as simple as that.

Choose Faith Over Fear and watch how that little choice changes your life.

If you got a mind shift after reading this, feel free to drop a message in the comment section or send a shout out to my mind at themindofcodybanks@gmail.com.

Stay Charged,

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